Thursday, September 8, 2011

New vid for the site sample link below.

I know this isn't the update you all wanted. That is coming. I decided to cut a couple of planned scenes out of the comic, but don't worry, the ideas are bound to resurface in a different comic. Also, a heads up I am working on 2 video projects. The first is a fmg vid with a bit more of a story. The second is a boxing match. My goal is to animate and render about 5 seconds a day of usable footage. And to make a cool 2-4 minute video. But, this won't really delay my work on the one comic, as I have different workstations. It does slow my work down, but in a sense, it will lead to more updates in the long run.
About the vid, I normally don't like using the clothes I used, as they flicker too much, and I initially had plans on editing out the flickering and breaks, but with well over 10,000 frames, its not worth the time to fix. But, my next fmg vid, I am try to make it slick and really awesome. The boxing vid is shaping up to be my best animation so far as well. Sorry about the ramblings. Sample link below, full vid will be up on site soon and is 42 seconds of pure fmg awesomeness.

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