Friday, September 16, 2011

Boxing animation is done!!!!!!!

It took me about 10 days to  get it done, and it was a mountain. A huge learning experience making it. Without a doubt this is my best animation yet. Its 96 seconds long, so it fell at the lowest end of my expectations in terms of length, but its all quality. Not a lot of warts in this animation like some of my past efforts. Its really smooth. I'll say this opens up a new era for Mighty Female Muscle Comix... I want to do a few more animations for this month. I know its half way over, but I want to do a few more. Don't know if they will be of the same scope as this boxing one. But, they will be good. Also, I have not forgotten the name of the site, its Comix and not video's and I will still make sure there will be more comic updates for this month as well. Because, even though this boxing animation is awesome and really no other site has a video like this, its still not enough content for you guys. You deserve more content, and believe me I am working hard to give you all your moneys worth. It just takes time. Look for a sample a 10-15 second sample tomorrow. Right now sleep is calling me.

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