Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laptop still giving me fits.

Hey guys, no update on the beach genie story. My laptop is not doing so great and work has completely stopped. But, I have not given up on the story. Give me a few more days to work past my frustration and I will begin work anew on it. But, I should have an awesome update for you all tomorrow. Remember the talk about the animations that I was working on. Well... I am almost done with the rendering. Next is the editing. No, they won't have sound. But, it will sure be cool. My best one yet. Its a boxing animation, and I doubt there is any on any femuscle site like this. It should be around 1-3 minutes long. I am working out the ending as I type this. My plan is then to make a couple of other videos, not as laborious as the boxing animation to get released this weekend. Thinking about revisiting the girl from the throat lift vid. But, I got a football/cheerleader animation that I would love to do for this weekend. Trust me though this boxing animation is awesome!!!!!

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