Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exciting news!!!!!

This is truly amazing news and I know you all are just going to be ecstatic when you hear it... So I will just go right into it; I have just commissioned FemForteFan for another comic. And we have tentative plans for future comics as well. He is a very busy person so their is no timeframe for when this will get done. But as soon as it does, you can bet you'll hear about it, and I'll be posting it pronto!!!!! The comic that he will be drawing is going to be a goodie. Thats all I can say for now.
But, while I am updating I just want to fill you in on the new animation. I had a slight setback in regards to it. I lost I think about 6 hours of time with it today. However, I fixed what was wrong and the animation will be the better for it.
It still needs me to render more camera angles and perhaps maybe even make a little bit of supplemental animation to bolster it and smooth it out. And on top of that I need to go through the rendered still and fix some of the more noticable poke throughs.
I still hope that I will get this animation finished for this next weeks update. As I have like 5 other ideas for animations I want to get started on.
Speaking of updates.... Miss Liberty II is still on deck for this week. Stay tuned for more. Its one of my best comics ever!!!!!!!!!

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