Thursday, June 13, 2013

Miss Liberty II is finished and other update news.

Hello all,
Its been a long time since I posted on this blog and even longer since I posted an update on my site.
No, I have not forgotten you all. I finally am ready to get things moving again for this site. I plan to have an update out next friday, and actually the next 2 weeks after that.
I have big news. BIG, BIG NEWS!!!!!!
Miss Liberty II is finished!
Let me say that again MISS LIBERTY II IS FINISHED!
Its a big comic clocking in at over 40 pages. If you liked the first one you're going to love this one.
Also I have a new story by FEMMEFORTE FAN that is entitled "School Girls Verses The Mighty Thunder Beast". Its a really wild story and gts fans and fmg fans should love it. Its about a group of school girls who hulk out, and then get zapped by a growth ray to defeat a huge goddzilla like monster. That one clocks in at 25 pages. That's the story I hope to post next Friday.
Miss Liberty will come on the heels of that one, but I need to spruce up some of the text.
Lastly I have 2 completed comics by Zanfador. You might recall him from the comic "The Arms Race" or his work with Hunter S Creek. Trust me his stuff that he just drew for me is some of the most amazing artwork in femuscle comix history. I need to add text to all his stories, but I hope to get the first one finished soon. That one is 30 plus pages and its a superman parody and its just really awesome. It has 2 fmg scenes, and tons of carnage.
However its the 2nd comic that he completed for me that is really amazing. Its a jungle girl/tarzan story, and its 110 pages. Not joking 110 pages, and that is the best comic I have ever done. I need to add text to all those pages, but I will start that after the superman comic is done. Also the lady of the jungle I probably will release in parts. I'm thinking something like 15-20 pages a week. So that comic would take about 2 months to release it all.
But, thats not all everyone. I got some really big news. KinkyRocket is drawing a fmg comic for me. We're a little over 10 pages into the process of what will be about 25 pages. Its going to be an epic comic. Male drain and fmg; cheerleaders and football players.. All mixed up to create one insane comic! Its going to have tons of fmg in it and also some really cool scenes and depictions of strength.
And believe it or not, I still have more comics that are being worked on that I haven't even told you about yet. And I'm still making 3d art, but it takes time. It really does.
You all have a take of yourself. I'm sorry about the delay, but I have been hard at work creating what I think are some of the best femuscle comix you'll find anywhere on the net. On the net, or in THE WORLD!!!!!


  1. OMG, OMG, OMG! This is great news! I will be joining again in the next day. NO WAY I'm going to miss those updates!

  2. Well I do appreciate your enthusiasm... But, I've been a shitty content creator for the site. And I'd honestly wait till I post the full first months updates. That way you'll get more bang for you buck. I know I will be losing my shirt on these comics and be in the red for them a lot. However, I just think it be the wise thing to do is wait until I post first wave of updates. As I said next friday is the School girls verses the horrible thunderbeast. Then Miss Liberty II. And then another comic that is being finalized. And then I actually hope to have another update as well. If I play my cards right I should have enough updates for like 3 months maybe more. And I'm talking really really good updates.