Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mid-Week Pre-Thanksgiving update report

Hey all, I just want to fill you in on whats going on. I have the raw images for 3 Gitta Braun minicomics completed. My goal is to make 6 total, as well as a few odds and ends. Those should be ready around saturday. But, the good news is I got word from Bill Banner, and Bedroom Wrasslin is almost done. He promised to get it to me this thursday, so that means I will be able to edit it sometime around Fridayish. So that should be ready for the weekend. Also the new fmg video has been more popular than what I thought. It cracks me up, so much more work went into the armwrestling, and Domination animation, and yet its the FMG vid that is so popular. So I decided to make a few more. I'm still working on my epic fmg vid, creating the scene is what is giving me fits. I can't make it how I want imagine it to look in my head. But, I am going to make one or two more fmg videos in the same vein as the last one released. I hope you all enjoy your Holiday in good company, and look for an update this weekend. Now wouldn't that be the perfect dessert, after a whole day of gorging and fighting with your family.


  1. As someone said before the combination of FMG and domination video is prolly the best. A little like your early stories "Deadbeat's comeuppance" or "Big wishes" :-)

  2. LOL! Somebody actually reads my stories. That kinda cracks me up. But, your post reminds me I need to finish the sequel to deadbeats comeuppance. I think that will be the next story Bill Banner makes into a comic for me.

  3. Sure i read your stories. I am a big fan!

    The sequel would be really cool :-)