Monday, November 28, 2011

New Comic Completed!

Hey guys I just finished Bedroom Wrasslin! And I must say, I think its one of my best! I know some of my stories can be a bit scant when it comes to sex, but not this story. This story is chock full of everything one could want in a femuscle story. Tons of humor, sex, teasing, and of course wrestling. The comic is 146 images and over 6 thousand words spread across 46 pages of pure femuscle delight. I'm sorry this one took so long to get to you all, Bill Banner has had a lot of tough breaks lately, and I had to scrap most of the comic that he gave to me, and as a result I basically wrote the whole comic, save for a few gems of his that I kept. As a result the Gitta Braun comics won't be ready until the end of next week. But, I still plan on making on last update for this month. I hope to get one more fmg animation done for you all.
Please give my webmaster a couple of days to post this.
Below are links, Yet again lets say NSFW!!!! But, it probably is cos the main girl isn't wearing pants.

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