Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Animation Finished!!!!

This is not the big one I've been working on. That one is currently around 4 minutes  and 20 seconds. So I have quite a bit of animating to get done before it reaches my 6 minute goal. But, at 89 seconds long it is currently my 3rd longest complete animation(soon to be 4th). I had a blast making it, and without a doubt this is my best animation yet. A vast improvement over the boxing animation. I know you all are going to love it. The animation is about a dude who challenges Delila to an armwrestling match. Well lets just say she's more than up to the challenge. You all might remember Delila from my most recent folio, she will get her own comic, I'm still plugging away at that. As well as I have plans for more animations with her. Youtube link is below. Please give my webmaster a day or two to post the video. And although no nudity, I'd say NSFW!

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