Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Image set finished!

Hey Guys, just letting you all know, I just finished the raw images for a new comic. 145 in total, not the most I've made for a comic, but still a robust number. I don't know if I will send this comic off to Bill Banner or not. It's some of my best art so far, and the comic has a lot of everything. It's a bedroom wrestling story, about an ex-college jock, and his wife. The husband has been a little to preoccupied with his work, and neglected his body. While his wife, loves to lift, that she keeps a weight set in her bedroom. Lots of wrestling, and a good deal of intimate adult content in this one as well. I know you all will like it, and I will have an update of a couple of pictures soon, but I need to edit them first. 

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