Monday, July 18, 2011

Hercules Comic is Posted to site!!!!

It's up, and I want you all to go and read it right away! Just kidding. But, I hope you guy's like it.
It's a little different, and yet very similar to my past comics in many ways. It's more of a comic illustrated story hybrid. My next story I will make different, and it will be more of a traditional illustrated story. But, have no fear, I will still be doing comics as well. But, comics take me 3 times longer to make. And I believe, I can make about 2 illustraited stories, like Hercules a month. And minicomics, and videos as well. So, I think this might be the future of the sight. My next story, I think I will be writing will be a classic Tarzan and Jane story, with of course a femuscle twist. I know you all will love it. Hope to get that finished soon. For now here are some previews of the Hercules story.

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