Friday, July 15, 2011

Hercules story on the way

Big news everyone. I just finished as of right now, the Hercules vs. the Amazons story. Its a little over 8,800 words long, and 105 pictures shall go into it. Well, a little more than that perhaps. As I think I will make a few more images for the story. No more than 5-7 though. Now, I hope to finish this by Friday, and to have it up by Saturday on the sight. No promises, because I still have a lot to do. I still have to finish editing the images, and then I need to proof the story, to remove the obvious gaffes and errors. Which at roughly 35 pages, I can only do so quickly. Also, I never made a pdf before, and I am sure that will offer some interesting challenges as well.
My idea is this, to have the raw images in the images folder, and the pdf in a different spot. Also, maybe have a section on the site to where you can read for free just my stories that I have written. As I have 3 complete so far, and one almost complete.
I also got good news as well, I am working on a new comic for Bill Banner. It's without a doubt my best work ever. I have like 60 or so images done for it so far and I am not quite halfway where I want to be. I hope to finish the renderings Around Sunday or Monday. I am tired right now. So good night everyone!

I decided to post a preview of the rough draft at amazon love forums. Here is the link. You probally need to register to view it. Bare in mind this is a rough. I will tweak the story tomorrow before I upload it to the sight.

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