Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Wrestling Images Uploaded

Hey Guys, just letting you all know that I just finished with the editing and uploading of the newest batch of images to the website. I also sent them off to Bill Banner, and he should have the Comic done for us within 2 weeks. He said sooner, but since he is doing this as a favor to me, I will not rush him. Below you will find the links to 4 of the standalone images. Think you guys will like them. They should be appearing on the sight within a day or two. Whats next is, I have 1-2 more comics that I am making for Mr. Banner. I hope to get them done and out to him within the next week. Once done with that I hope to make a couple new animations for you all. And of course, the next Illustraited Story/comic hybrid, I hope to get done by the next week. As stated its Tarzan & Jane romance story. Once I finish that, who knows. But, I can tell you all, lots of great stuff is on the way. July is going out with a bang!!!! Enjoy the links!

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