Thursday, June 19, 2014

Musclexx Pinup Set 6 now up on site

This weeks update, the aforementioned "Musclexx Pinup" set is now on the site. Its 11 total images and is every bit as sexy and awesome as the sets that preceded this one. The set includes a variety of themes as well as body shapes and size for the women featured within. Got massive super huge women, and more petite women, like the kind in this sample... Well "petite" for musclexx that is, as these girls are dang huge and even stronger than they look. I mean look at how they crushed that jukebox. This sample is just too amazing for words, but know that amongst all his other creations this is without a doubt one of my very top favorites(and that is saying something). In the full folio you'll find themes of feats of strength, domination, fmg/mini-gts growth, and just general sexy raw muscled ladies.
Enjoy the sample but a bit of areola is showing, so nfsw!!!!!

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