Thursday, June 12, 2014

What a TEAM!!!!!

"Dominating Team of Mother & Daughter" is now up on my site. The art and story was adapted by the talented Zgannero taken from a story Dmaynard. Some of you people may recognize the authors name as a lot of his stories about female muscle and domination have been online for awhile now.
The comic is truly one of the most intense and brutal comics you'll find on my site, in fact let me say unequivocally it is the most brutal comic on my site! But, its a fun ride and for those of you who love muscle worship, women manhandling men, raw pure feminine muscular might, and women breaking fragile men's bodies against their iron frames, then this is the comic for you.
It's not meant for everyone, but I think you all know I strive hard to have all types of comics and art on my site, and so I'll have something softer for the non-domination fans soon.
But, for now enjoy this savage little tale of male destruction. The full 21 page comic can be found at Mighty Female Muscle Comix(DUH!!!).
Enjoy the samples. NSFW NUDITY AND Implied Sexuality.


  1. Nice update! Straight up domination is not my thing exactly, more of a growth fan at heart, but any new comics on the site are always awesome. Thanks for your hard work on the site.

    1. Make sure you check out the 50PercentGrey mini-comics. They are a total of 15 pages of fmg/gts comics and are really nice. I have more of those coming in the future. For the near future, there will be another comic either in july or august... Could be both months will get a new comic, but we'll see.