Monday, June 2, 2014

Addendum to last update

I got an update to the 50PercentGrey mini-comics. Its a cool new splash page, and you can check out the full size version of it in the members section. 50PercentGrey and I just felt we needed something with a bit more oomph to advertise the 2nd of the two mini-comics in last weeks update and hence this sweet little number was born.
Its a cool page and I know you all will enjoy it.
Also for you all to know there will be another update this week in the Dom Fun folio. And I think the week after I have a new comic for you all. Its a brutal little comic and I think you all will enjoy it.
Its made by a 3d artist friend of mine and he did a wonderful job with it.
More details on both updates to come later. For now enjoy this image.
NSFW!!! Naked GTS woman. Stay away!!!

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