Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry for lack of posting

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates. What should have been a bad ass month has been lame ass. However, I'm going to do my best to make the end of the month worth it. I got 3 days, and  a lot of stuff to do. I don't know if  I will succeed, but I will try my best.
Right now between my 9-5 which is really, really busy for me right now. This is the busiest time of the year for me, and on top of that I have to site through road construction on my way to and from work, which nearly doubles the commute. So I don't have the time I am normally use to, and I've been super stressed.
Not all is bad news though. I'm working on a new Ms, Liberty project with The Manic. No its not Ms. Liberty 3, and I have another short comic in the work with her, from another artist. And I'm also working with CGMan again and the art is looking really amazing!
I just wish I could do this as my real full time job, but I supplement this site with my own money. So I need the job for now. But, when you see the comics that are coming up, you'd all flip.
I'll have more soon.
Oh, and one way I think you all could help my site. Go to my facebook page and like it
That won't cost anybody a thing, and it could help get my site some exposure.
I do feel really bad about months like this, where I can't get you all the content you deserve. Its not over yet I know. Just again know that all the money I get from this site, and a good portion of my own income goes into hiring artists. I'm not getting rich off you guys, but the more money I make, the more artists I hire. It all goes back to giving you guys the best art I can manage. Soon, you're going to start seeing the divet ends from all your patronage.
So thank you for all your support. Now excuse me, but the day is halfway over and its time I start making some art for you all!

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