Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Ms. Liberty Script Sent off to The Manic!!!!

No, I don't have an update for this week. I'm sorry, I've been working on making both Ms. Liberty Layouts and also the script for the next Manic comic. Well the first draft of that script has been sent out. And its pretty dang good. I still need to tighten it. But, I think its going to make a great story. Its not Ms. Liberty III, its a side story. But, trust me you're going to love it.
Also, I'm working on another side story with another artist. We're almost done with all the layouts, then she draws the comic. We got 4-6 more layouts to do. So far the comic is looking to be one of the best things I've ever done. It takes time to make great things, and I think combined the page count of those two projects is going to be 30 plus pages. So thats a full comic right there. I hope to get both done before the end of this year.
And I hope to break ground on other Ms. Liberty stuff as well!
Stay tuned.

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