Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slow going....

Got a lot of work done today on the comic. Not as much as what I would like. Twice my program crashed right as I was about to render. So that was 2 hours total of work down the drain. Its not a question of saving. It takes about 5-15 minutes to save my scenes(depending on how many characters), and also I have to quit my program and relaunch after every couple renders so it won't crash. And loading takes about 10-20 minutes. But, as I said the images are looking really awesome. I'll give you guys a hint... I just finished a short 3 panel wedding sequence for the story. Its really good. This story is going to have a ton of fmg. I liken it to growing pains part 2 from lh art. Except I am aiming for 30 plus pages. I've decided worst case scenario I will upload the raw images to the site for you guys saturday, if I don't think i can get this comic down by the weeks end. I doubt I can get it ready by friday. But, there is still hope for saturday.  Its coming together, but it takes time. But, trust me its worth it. 

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