Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another progress report(redux)

Ok.... Here is where I am at with the "Genie Beach Story"(not its real name), I have completed 38 images. Now these are not the typical images that accompony my comics. Most of these is not all, stand on there own as complete pictures. And they are very complex to make as generally most of the images have 5-7 people in them. As I said before I thought the genie story would be about 30-50 images. It's looking like it will be 60-90 images. It will be done this week. But, not today of course. And probally not tomorrow. But, hopefully friday. I feel like G RR martin right now, but rest assured You guys will get at least 2 more updates this month. This comic, and something else. I promise you. I am really working hard for you guys. And you will love this new comic.

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