Thursday, September 17, 2020

Powder Puffs COLORIZED!

 Really pleased to be able to present you the colorized version of the Mighty Female Muscle Comix classic Powder Puffs! This has always been one of my all time favorite comics ever. Just love it, and it really set the tone for the tropes and scenes and sequences that you will find in a MFMC story.  I just love cheerleaders bulking up and hitting the gym and outmuscling the jocks. We get a great scene where the gals out-flex and out-lift the guys and just chase them out of the weight-room. But, that scene pales before the amazing inter-gender cheerleader vs jocks football match. The gals just bulldoze the guys and run all over them. Just a great comic made even better with the color version.

You can purchase the colorized version of the comic here:

Included as a bonus is the original black and white artwork as well!
Just want to thank you all for your support. Its your support that makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow big and strong just like the women in our comics.
Enjoy the samples. No nudity but NSFW, cos its sexy buff femuscle!

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