Thursday, July 26, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Hey guys, I did have plans for a new comic to be released tonight, but I have been very busy and I couldn't quite get it ready for you all, and I refuse to release anything that doesn't meet my quality expectations. Instead I decided to do another Throwback Thursday. And while there are not that many old comics left to release, there are still some good ones for you and I got 3 really nice ones for you all. The themes are varied some FMG, fem dom and mixed fighting, and of course some male muscle drain and fmg action as well.

The comics are Arms Race which you can purchase here:

Steel Kittens which you can purchase here:

And lastly the classic drain tale Succubus which you can purchase here:

All of these comics were some of my very first attempts, but I believe you all will find that the story and the themes still hold up very well today. Arms Race is a story that inspired Powder Puffs, Big Girls on Campus, and No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl. While Steel Kittens just has one of the best male vs female brawls you'll ever read. And Succubus is still hands down one of the best drain comics you'll read. If you liked the Muscle Lust comic then I think you'll enjoy Succubus. As always thanks for your support. You are what makes MFMC grow big and strong like the ladies in our comics.So thank you all so much for your support it really means a lot. And I hope you all enjoy the samples.

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