Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mistress Muscle

 I got one heck of a scintilating, saucy, sensual, and spicy story for you all tonight. Its Mistress Muscle and you will WORSHIP her Mighty Female Muscles! She lean n mean and she'll steal all your gainz, size and strength, making her bigger and stronger. Leaving you weak and tiny and giving her more size and muscle real estate for you to worship. Fun story. About a hapless robber who instead of robbing the muscle Mistress' home, instead gets robbed of his own size and strength. If you guys liked the Muscle Lust 3 issue, you're going to love this one.

You can purchase the complete 20 page comic here:

Just want to thank you all for your support. Remember its your support that makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow big and strong, just like the women in our comics.
Samples below. No nudity. But, its a lot of sexy femdom. So NSFW!!!!

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