Thursday, January 30, 2020

Superbowl Super Sale 2020

In celebration of the big game this Sunday, let's celebrate something even better. Women with BIG beautiful muscles. Now that is something we all can cheer about. So lets celebrate with a buy 2 get 1 free Super Sale that features Super Strong Super Sexy babes playing football. They're no powder puffs, they know how to handle themselves and can really bust some balls, and they just love to score. This sale will last from now till the end of this weekend. All of the comics on the front page are the ones on sale. This is a perfect chance to discover new comics and catch up on any that you might have missed.

Here is a link to the sale page:

And as always I just want to thank you all for the amazing support. Got a lot of cool surprises in store for you all this coming year. And just remember it is your support that makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow big and strong, just like the women in our comics. So enjoy Superbowl Sunday by reading comics featuring Super Buff Muscle Babes!

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