Thursday, January 17, 2019

Amazon Quest

Really pleased to present to you what I think might be not just one of the best comics I've ever made with Jorge, but also I think its one of my all time favorite comics I've ever made. I hope this issue will be the first of a brand new series. It's called Amazon Quest and its an FMG RPG Adventure. The comic has female muscle growth, lots of action, feats of strength, and some nice magically assisted invulnerability scenes in it. It's 20 total pages and drawn by the talented Jorge Garay. I know you all are really going to enjoy this comic. Its sexy, its funny, its action packed, and if you like video games or sword and sorcery movies you're going to love this comic. Jorge really outdid himself on the artwork for this one. And as always thank you for all your support. Mighty Female Muscle Comix would be nothing without your great support, and its your continued support that will make MFMC grow bigger and stronger just like the women in our comics.
You can purchase the comic here:
 No nudity in any images. But, skimpy warrior babe in metal bikini kicking butt.... So NSFW!!!!

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