Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gitta Braun Presents: Vol. 1

Got a truly special and fun comic for you all tonight. This comic was a long, long time in the making. It's Gitta Braun Presents: Vol 1 and its a 20 page collection that features a 15 page main comic and 5 other mini-comics. All of them centered around the Charles Atlas type trope of bulking up a skinny weakling. Only Gitta is the Mighty Female Muscle Comix version of good ol' Charlie and she turns weak frail girls into strong powerful women. Real knockouts and buff beauties, who thanks to Gitta unlock the powerful secret of the superior feminine physique and transforms their bodies into sexy muscular powerhouses that men both desire and are envious of. This comic also features a one page mini comic by the legendary Kinky Rocket. He drew the Drain Team for MFMC and I consider that one of MFMC all time great comics. 

Here is the link to purchase this comic:

As always thank you all so very much for all your support. Past, present and future. It all means so much and it's your support that makes MFMC grow big and strong just like Gitta and all her girls! Enjoy the samples and don't forget to send away today for your copy! No nudity in the samples, but some skimpy cheerleaders running over jocks on a football field. So NSFW!

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  1. I am disappointed in your latest ms Liberty she looks too young. I like the other drawings though. you said there was a drawing on gitta Braun for 6/18. I don't see it. Have you ever thought of stories Of old good looking muscle women who beat up thugs?