Thursday, September 14, 2017

kickin g issue 8!

Here is tonight's new release. It's issue 8 of Kickin' G! Fans of the series will remember it's about a guy named G and a cute musclebound martial arts gal named Mina. Each issue is jammed pack with action and this one is no different. In fact Mina fights a lady with huge muscular quads, and it turns out the lady more than holds her own against Mina. Also we introduce a new character in this comic and she is possibly the biggest most muscular lady Jorge has ever drawn. She is MEGA!!! That's actually her name, because she's so big, and her entrance is sleeveburstin good ol' fun!

The comic is available exclusively at my shopify page and you can purchase it via this link:

Below are the samples. No nudity but some girl on girl fighting!!

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

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