Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Strongest Yard!!!

I got a fun new comic for you guys. It about about a group of super buff and muscular cheerleaders who take on their schools football team.As you all know by now Cheerleaders VS Football players is one of my absolute all time favorite themes to cover in my comics, and this comic has the most football action ever in any of my stories. Lots of bone crunching, helmet jarring, and teeth rattling action in this comic, as the girls prove to the boys, that the phrase "you hit like a girl" is not some insult or joke, but rather a phrase that should instill fear into someone. For not only do the jocks wish that they could hit like the girls, but they also wish the girls wouldn't quite hit so dang hard. This is a 20 page fully colored comic. And as a bonus I've included 5 complete female muscle growth pinups as well. Those are some of my very best work and I had a lot of fun making them.
I know you all will enjoy the comic. Here is a link to purchase it.

Below are the samples. NSFW Extremely muscular women and also one woman bursting out of her clothes with lots of rippage!!!!

Enjoy and thanks for your support.

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