Thursday, February 23, 2017

His and Hers Vitamins A-Z

I got a brand new comic for you all to enjoy. This is for fans of female muscle growth and also male and female size comparisons. It's about a woman who grows tired of being the beta in the relationship and decides to change up the whole dynamic. Lucky for her she has His and Hers Vitamins A-Z to help her. With them she grows into a towering uber sexy musclebound amazon, who by herself clearly is the alpha in any relationship. But, she's not content there she tricks her husband into taking the pills and in less than 10 minutes he finds himself going from alpha to beta and all the way down to zeta male. I really had a fun time making this comic and I know you all will enjoy it. It has tons of fmg sequences and some male shrinking sequences as well, and it has a bit of fem dom and playful teasing. Along with some muscle worship and a whole boatload of size and muscle comparisons.
The comic can be purchased here:

Here are the samples, but as always. No nudity but really NSFW!!!


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