Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update sent off to my webmaster!!!!

I know finally right!!!
As I said been busy. I'm still working overtime at work, and sadly that will happen for at least 3-4 more weeks.
Not all bad news I will use that money to fix my car so I can pass emissions. It just means I have to make better use of my free time outside of work. And I've had difficulties balancing this site in the past month.
But, I haven't been completely lax. I'm working with Stone3d on a new comic and I think its even better than our first one. Which I think is saying something as I think the first comic I did with Stone3d was one of the best 3d comics on my site.
I got a new Musclexx pinup gallery coming up. And a new installment for "Kickin' G". Plus the sequel to Mom & Daughter.
And I'm working on a really, really awesome 3d comic myself.
This weeks update is the conclusion of the "Dom Fun" folio. Its another 20 bone crunching, ball busting, manhandling, femuscle feast!
I won't lie I am a bit sad I am ending the folio. But, it was never meant to balloon to so many images. I just really liked the scene, the lighting, and of course the characters.
Look for the woman to pop up again.
Tomorrow I hope to post some samples.
Take care and stay tuned.

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