Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Epic KinkyRocket comic sent off to webmaster!!!!

Trust me when I say this comic is EPIC. I can say hands down its one of the best FMG comics out there, and I think I can unequivocally say its the best damn FMG/Male Drain comic EVER. As you know my site probably has the most male drain via transference to a female host content on the whole web, but this comic blows all of my past efforts out of the water.
The art is by KinkyRocket and he is a legend in this field and his art is just beyond amazing. The story is sexy, funny, and it moves along at a brisk pace. I know you all will love it.
And in the past I have tried my best to never sound like a carnival barker as I find such actions deplorable. And there is nothing I detest in life as a snakes oil salesmen. However, I will make this statement. Please, if you have the money to spare and you love femuscle and all its genres, please think about supporting this project. Your support really matters and it will help fund future projects, and that money goes right back to helping the artists and their families. Also, if you do support us please don't share this on any forum. That can really be a kiss of death for these small indie comics.
I know there are hard times for people out there, but all your patronage past, present, and future is never unappreciated. It's been one of my life's great pleasures running this site and working with all these amazing artists. So lets keep that train going.
Stay tuned as late tomorrow the update should go live, and I'll have some EPIC samples for you all to enjoy!!!!!!

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  1. Hey, really looking forward to this one! Thanks for continuing to run such a great site. Before this site it seems like there was not much muscle transfer art out there and that is one of my favorite themes, so thanks!