Thursday, April 17, 2014

New CGMan Pinups On Site!!!

I got a great sample for you all and its from the newest set from CGMan. In total there are 12 new images not withstanding the alternate version of one of the images. I think you all will find that these are some of the best femuscle pinups around, as both myself and CGMan take great care in choosing and creating the images. There is even a really cool chain break image that I think you all are going to enjoy. I think I mentioned it before but CGMan is currently working on another set of images for the site and so far he's already completed two pictures. I hope perhaps late next month or early the month after to get those to you. Anyway enjoy the sample for now and I'll yap more on whats to come later.


  1. Hey, just checking in on the site to see if any new growth comics will be coming up soon. Thanks for all your hard work continuing to run the site!

  2. Yes, I do have a few in the works. Both 2d and 3d. Be on the lookout.