Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New comic on its way

Great news. I got a new 60 page comic on its way. It won't all be posted this week. I'm aiming for half this week and half next week. I got the title of it. Its called "A Growing Rivalry" and its about two women who while vying for the affections of a man, get into a weird growth one upsmanship competition. All the pages are completed and I just need to add the text to it. I currently am on the 5th page. And I hope to get up to page 30 done by tomorrow. But, I don't know how realistic that will be. But I promise to get you at least 20 pages this week. But, again my goal is 30. And we'll see how close I can get. The first page was the hardest to write as I had to figure out character names, and also just the most efficient way to present the tale. Now that the foundation has been laid it should come together a bit quicker. But, I got to get up early for work.
So sleep is a must.
Stay tuned as I will post when I send it off to my webmaster. Which should be soon!!! Again if we all are lucky the first 30 will be sent off tomorrow.

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