Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" posted to site

Howdy all, I'm tired so this will be brief. 20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" has just been posted to the site. you all might need to hit refresh when you load the page to see the update. Really pleased with how these pages turned out. Again I think this might be the best 3d comic I have ever written. That's not blowing smoke, I really love how this thing is turning out.
Will have more news about future plans on next updates. But, the plan for next week is to finish off this comic and post the last 21 pages of it, as well as I hope to have some other bonus content for you all. Below are the samples.
But, there is nudity as this is an FMG Tale and clothes burst off the ladies in this update.
Enjoy but NSFW!!!!!!

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