Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on the way

Sorry for the delay... I do have an update for this week. But, the last month or so hasn't been the best time for me. Family has been sick, I have been really sick, and even my cat has been sick. This compounded with the crap winter weather, and I haven't much accomplished anything. Been just a miserable time for me.
But, the good news is there will be an update this week. And I hope next week as well. I commissioned Stone3d, to make a comic for me and its really amazing stuff. That will be ready hopefully next month. Its a big one, it will be at least 50 pages. So as you can see, the wheels are turning, and stuff is getting made. Which is good.
Anyway the update for this week I think will be some Deadbad pinups. I think this is the best batch of his work yet. But, nothing is written in stone. I might be able to make some 3d art and comics still. But, its really cold in my house and that drains me.
But again there is good news, there will be an update this week!!!!

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