Sunday, November 24, 2013

End of streak blues, but I do have some good news...

Its a bummer that the consecutive update streak ended. I was hoping to ride it out much more. I still have 3d art to compile into comics and sooo many 2d comic pages I need to figure out how to letter. I bought a new program to letter them, but nothing is ever easy guys.
I got some cool works coming down the pipe. But, the artwork is coming in slow due to the holidays which is fine.
Speaking of the holidays. Next thursday is thanksgiving.... I don't think I will have an update for this site for thursday. But, I should have a pretty massive one next thursday. So far I'm not quite 20 images into the new feat of strength folio. I want more Chain breaking and other stuff in it. Maybe a new car crush. We'll see...
I got other news that I am excited about. I like to draw, but I am afraid by myself my skill just isn't worth charging anyone for. However, I just spoke to a friend who will ink and color my work, and I think that will give it the polish that it needs and I think you all will love it. I hope to get my first comic finished.... Maybe, if we are lucky before the end of the year... That is doubtful, but not impossible. But, I am excited about the prospect of me drawing for this site.
I just wanted to let you know about this upcoming thursday. I do hope for december that it will be a month of updates though. Maybe we can start a new streak as well and go even longer than last time.

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