Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another update sent off to the webmaster!!!!!

This will mark the 4th week in a row that MFMC will have been updated. I don't think I've ever in the history of the site done that before. Next week I'm going to scramble but I hope to continue the streak and make it 5. If we are lucky I might have another comic for this month, we shall see what fate has in store.
Anyway, the update is something new for the site. An illustrated story. It's in a PDF format and is if I recall just shy of 2,500 words. So its about 10 written pages and it has 20 images to accompany it. It's a bit crude as its the first PDF either me or the artist/writer has made.
However, its a great story and has some pretty nice images. I'm working with the writer again and some of you might recognize the artist. Xen0phage both wrote and made the images for me. I've been a big fan of his for a long time and it was nice working with him. Again I must say one thing he took the concept that I had for a story and made it into one of the best stories that is featured on my site. Its pretty dang good.
I'll have the text version of that posted for free on my site for anyone who wants to check it out. Again this is just what I hope will be the first of both the illustrated stories for my site, and working with Xen0phage. We are currently working on a bigger tale. One that will have more pictures for you. I don't know when that will get done, but hopefully before the years end.
One last note.
If you want to help this site out and can't afford a membership feel free to like my facebook page.

And also I know I discussed this in the last few posts. But, CDR is a friend of mine.
If you haven't checked out his new image pack, go and check it out. Its really just fantastic stuff.
Here are the links, check it out and enjoy.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page

That's enough shameless plugs.
Thanks for reading this long and take care of yourselves!

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