Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Update sent off to the webmaster

Its 2 folios, featuring 2 women, clocking in at a whooping 90 images. You've seen both of these models before. I used one of them on the feats of strength 2 folio, and pinup folio, and I've used the other one on the nude figure study folio.
At the moment they are two of my favorite models that I have in my runtime. This update is really quite cool, it has a lot of the things that I like in my images. A lot of these images were more tricky than I think any of you could imagine, but they all turned out most excellently. I did wish that it was 30 image bigger the folio, as the blonde girl didn't get in on the feats of strength this time. But, I'm going to fix that. More folios with her are going to follow, and a comic with her. Probably a mini comic. I'm going to see if I can make a series for her to star in. Just an idea, who knows if it will hold water....
More about these will follow, but some hints at what they contain. Barbell bending, weight plate folding, dumbbell crushing, chain breaking, and more!!!!!! Oh and the chain break images, they are some of the best I've made yet. And I got 6 of them in this folio. That's the most I've ever had in one folio. Trust me you guys are going to love this set. And I got comics coming for next weeks update!!!!
Stay tuned for more goodies, soon as they get posted to my site I'll post the samples here.

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