Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Epic FMG, GTS, BE animation almost complete!

If all goes well it should be finished sometime around noon tomorrow. It would have been done today, but I lost 5 hours of work due to me being an idiot. However, this animation is worth all the work and missteps and mistakes that I have made. It'll be just a smidge over 8 minutes in length.Out of all of my animations this one has the most plot to it, and is also the most unique animation I have made so far. I want to make more in the vein. I learned a lot while making this animation and still have a lot more left to learn. My plans is to upload this to my website tomorrow, but my connection is slow, and so it could take me all day. I'll post an update when I have uploaded it with still image previews, and a youtube sample. I also hope to have a folio update for the around Saturday as well. So if all goes to plan, this will be another busy week!
Just one last little update of things to come. I just finished the rough draft for the Ms. Liberty sequel. I have a few things that I want to change, but its going to be even better than the first. Lots more FMG sequence, and lots more action. However, I am still in the waiting list for The Manic, and so it won't be till probably july at the earliest that the comic will be done. Could be later, but I will have more commissioned comics for you all before then. But as always will tell more as I know more!
Thanks and have a nice day.

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