Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 new animations for you all!

Happy Holidays to you guys! I got 3 new animations done in time for the holidays. I'm still working on the big animation for this month that should clock in at around 6 minutes in length and I'm hoping to get it finished and uploaded the Monday or Tuesday after Christmas. Back to the new animations, combined they clock in at over 3 minutes in length, and two of them are FMG animations, and they both turned out simply fantastic. My favorite is the gold bikini, but I know you all will love them both. The last of the trio, is a bit complex to describe. So that's why I made a sample of it and posted it below. I love the pose that they do, but I don't know the name for it, and as such this video is one of my favs. More soon on the way, included comics, my goal is to get the boxing comic done and uploaded sometime around the end of next week. I also want to finish off the images for the beach wish comic, and get those uploaded to the site before the end of this year.
There's no nudity, and it meets youtubes restrictions, but hey lets just say NSFW!!! because really you shouldn't be viewing it there!

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