Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Report..

On the comic and story front its slow news. But, I just began another animation, and I have lofty expectations for it. Also, I am finishing the prep work for a new comic. I know, I have like 5 comics in prep and almost finished stages. Those will get done in time. I doubt I will have a comic for you guys by the end of this week, but I will have another folio for you guys. And trust me, if you liked the last folio you will love this one. I have one image of armwrestling that is my best ever!!!! These are really turning out as some of my best images ever, and the funny thing is, they are just background images, and won't even be featured in the story. Well the armwrestling one, just might be.
So, all in all, stay tuned, cos you're going to like what you will see.

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