Friday, December 17, 2010

Site Updated With Charles Atlas Parodies

You can find the parodies under the Gitta Braun folder. And I think you all are going to like them. They are by far some of my best work yet. Well worth all the effort that went into making them. I have more Parody ideas, that will lampoon all the old Charles Atlas, and Joe Wieder, and all the other old muscle type comic ads from yesteryear. Also I do have a couple of story ideas for Gitta herself, as she is really such an incredible specimen, it would be a crime not to give her, her own comic.
But don't take my word for it, copy this link into your browser and behold the mighty Gitta! NSFW.
But, all in due time, for I have a lot of other projects planned. Next week, look for Steel Kittens to be finished, as well as a couple of movies. The movies will be the full gamut of the poll questions, fmg, muscle drain, fighting.
Stayed tuned lots more updates on the way, and don't forget about the year end giveaway!!!!!
Update notification. I edited this post, to let you know, I just uploaded the video of the Tattoo girl throat lifting a guy to the website. So both the vid and the images should be available soon for you all to view. I think you all are going to like the video, its a beast 36 seconds and like 10-12 camera angles. Enjoy!

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